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70 Mile Application

The Race

The race is run along the entire Laurel Highlands Hiking Trail. This is a point-to-point race that begins in Ohiopyle, PA and ends in Seward, PA. Total distance will be 70.5 miles.

Race Rules

Violations of the following rules could result in a racer’s disqualification. The list is not intended to be all-inclusive, but instead, is designed to inform racers of some of the rules specific to this race.

  1. Runners must check-in prior to the start of the race and at each Aid Station and the finish line. Racers must verify their finish time at the finish line following completion of the race.
  2. Race numbers must be visible on the front of the runner at all times during the race.
  3. Racers are not permitted to obtain any outside locomotive assistance. If a racer leaves the trail, they must return to the trail by their own power at the point where they ran off the course and complete the race.
  4. If a racer is unable to complete the race, they must personally check-out at one of the Aid Stations. Racers not completing the race should sign their race number and give it to the AS  captain.
  5. Pacers are not permitted for relay runners.
  6. (PENDING COVID 2021 Mitigation efforts) Pacers are permitted for 70-mile racers beginning at the Route 30 checkpoint (mile 46). Pacers may not provide any assistance to the runners. That is, no carrying of water or food or other assistance. Pacers must run behind the runner. Pacers should provide for their own race needs. The race entrant is responsible for the conduct and actions of their pacer and the race is not responsible and does not provide assistance to any pacer. Racers are limited to one pacer at a time and may not use pacers under the age of 18. There are no exceptions to these rules.
  7. Parking for crew must be in designated areas only.
  8. Trekking poles are allowed. However, trekking poles must fit fully  within a drop bag, or given to crew when not in use.
  9. No littering.
  10. Have fun.

Aid Stations

There will be fully stocked aid stations at the following locations:

These are the only aid stations, please review and plan accordingly. All runners should carry a minimum of two water bottles with them at all times.

While a crew is not required, each runner should plan on carrying food and fluids between each aid station.

The Course

A 70.5 mile wilderness trail, traversing state parks, state forests, state gamelands, and other public and private lands. This is a very scenic and challenging course. Difficult footing is the norm, as steep grades, logs, rocks, steps, mud and other obstacles abound. The trail is maintained by the state and features concrete markers at every mile. This is a feature of which few ultra races can boast. The entire course is permanently marked with yellow blazes, which makes getting lost difficult. The majority of the trail is rugged single-track, with some meadow crossings in the Seven Springs Resort area. 

Drop Bags

Drop Bags: Runners are permitted to leave drop bags for Aid Station 6 (Mile 46) and Aid Station 7 (Mile 57) and the finish. Drop bags will be collected at the pre-race dinner, at check-in and near the start line. If you plan on leaving a drop bag, please have your race number, your name and the Aid Station where the bag is to be delivered clearly visible on the outside of the bag. Do not put items in your drop bag that require special handling. No fragile items, or items that require ice or refrigeration. Also, remember to have a reliable flashlight with spare batteries with you, or have one in your drop bag at one of the two Aid Stations (mile 46.4 or mile 57.1). Flashlights will be needed by all but the frontrunners. Plan on having a flashlight available no later than 8:30 P.M. If you think that you may be between aid stations at that time, leave a flashlight at the earlier aid station.

The Reward

Upon successful completion of the course under the twenty-two (22) hour time limit, each runner will receive a handsome trophy. The winning team members in each division will also receive awards.

Current Course Records for 70.5 mile course

Course Records for 77 mile course

To enter, simply complete the Application and mail to:

Redpoint Productions
ATTN: Jim Paul
200 E. Johnson St.
Philadelphia, PA 19144
Make checks payable to: Redpoint Productions


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